• Massif 4.2

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    Cylindrical screw-type implant

    Recommended implant solution for D1, D2, and D3 bone types.

    Product Advantages

    Advanced design to ensure superior primary stability     

    Enables accurate and firm insertion using dedicated tools.

    Geometry based on platform switching allows for biological space

    Available in a complete range of lengths and diameters




    Internal hexagon dia. of 2.44mm

    Prevents implant/abutment rotation
    Provides positioning indication
    Provides accurate and firm insertion using dedicated tools




    Micro rings - 4 micro rings located on the implant top increases the envelope surface as well as the bone-to-implant contact, thus improving implant primary stability and inter facial shear strength, especially in the crestal zone.




    A progressive thread allows bone compression and initial stability in the bone, and enables load transfer from the crestal to the cancellous bone. The double macro thread offers quick implantation, while the deep profile reverse buttress provides high bone grip and stability.




    The micro surface treatment of the entire implant is formed by blasting and acid etching technologies resulting in improved mechanical anchorage for better primary stability, and optimal cellular adhesion.




    Self-tapping allows for exceptional cutting capabilities, and is responsible for increased stability during insertion as the implant carves, fills, and compresses the bone.