• Axis 4.2

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    Conical screw-type implant designed to ensure superior primary stability and fast osseo-integration in the most complicated cases

    Product Features

    Advanced design to ensure superior primary stability

    Enables accurate and firm insertion using dedicated tools.

    Geometry based on platform switching allows for biological space

    Available in a complete range of lengths and diameters 




    Internal hexagon dia. of 2.44mm

    Prevents implant/abutment rotation
    Provides positioning indication
    Provides accurate and firm insertion using dedicated tools



    4 micro threads at the top of the implant Decrease the stress in the crestal zone 
    and increase the contact area in the cortical bone.



    Wide pitch progressive thread enables bone compression during insertion, 
    ultimately improving the bone's volume support, and positively affecting cancellous bone.



    The micro surface achieved by blasting technology followed by acid etching results 
    in improved mechanical anchorage for better primary stability, and is optimal for cellular adhesion.



    Self-tapping allows for exceptional cutting capabilities, and is responsible for increased stability 
    during insertion as the implant carves, fills, and compresses the bone